The subject matters of the figures upon the traditional architecture decorations include two types: lucky deities and historical figures. The most frequently seen ones are Three Immortals of Fu, Lu and Shou, Eight Immortals, Four Great Kings, Liu Bei, Jhang Fei and Guangong in the Three Kingdoms, door gods, jhong Kuei, literati and martial men; all possess with the functions of praying for blessing and good fortune along with repelling evil spirits. Kaodu (armor close to the abdominal area) at the front palace of Jingfu Temple, Taoyuan The colored drawing on the pillar lintel in the main room of Ciyou’s Residence, Dunte Hall, Bade The colored-drawing door god in the minor room at the front palace of Guanyin Temple, Shoushanyan The plaque on the rooftree of the dragon door at Longshan Temple, Wanhua The plaque on the rooftree of the dragon door at Longshan Temple, Wanhua The main beam on the back walkway of Wufu Temple, Lujhu 《Basian bustled greatly in East Sea》 It was said that Basian proposed to travel in East Sea after a gathering but they were not allowed to take and boats to get there except counting on their own abilities. All immortals all agreed upon this deal in droves; that is, they all had to count on their own abilities and exhibited their skills. However, this movement of Basian was quite disturbing to the Dragon King of East Sea so they started to have verbal conflicts. Dragon King of the sea caught Lan Caihe while Basian were not ready. Basian were very angry so they started to fight with those shrimp soldiers and crab generals, which caused huge waves. Luckily, Guanyin of South Sea passed by and acted as a mediator. They ceased fighting until Dragon King of East Sea released Lan Caihe. 《Four Great Kings》 The Four Great Kings are the guardian of Buddhism, the so-called “four great Kin Gang.” Four Great Kings lived on the four corners of Mt. Siumi hillsides and they could protect the world to be peaceful and happy for living. It was said that they often come to the world in person to inspect the good and bad and they all serve their own duties of wind, adjustment, rain and smoothness. East Governing-nation King is wearing an armor with a pipa in his hand, in charge of “adjustment.” In the east, Gold Tuo guards the east of the country, making sure that people live in peace and happiness and the country is richly endowed. South Increasing-heigh King holds the sword, in charge of “wind.” Lazurite Tuo in the south protects all living there, inspecting all the good and evil, and drawing rewards and punishment, disasters or fortunes. West Broadening-sight King with one hand winded with a flood dragon, one leg stepping on a goblin, mouth open and fierce eyes so as to suppress all devils, is in charge of “smoothness.” Silver Tuo in the west uses his heavenly eyes to inspect and protect the people. North Multiplying-listen King with a treasure crown in his head, an umbrella in his hand is in charge of “rain.” Agate Tuo in the north is also the administrator who manages the wealth, who is able to make all living receive blessing and fortunes. Therefore, the Four Great Kings all serve the duty to bestow the good and punish the evil; once people are righteousness, then they will be able to hasten the good luck and avoid the evil with lasting happiness and longevity.