Amongst Taiwanese traditional architectural decorations, the most often seen character subjects include swastika、Fu、Lu、Shou、Si、「Jhu Bao、Song Mao」and all other lucky characters, which is the way that directly expresses the meaning of good luck and the prayers for happy lives by characters. No.3 wall tile decoration at Fanjiang Ancestral Hall, Sinwu The lintel of the door at the minor room of Jingfu Temple, Taoyuan The standing door seal at the major palace of Jhaiming Temple, Dasi The clay sculpture at No. 6 window lintel at Fanjiang Ancestral Hall, Sinwu The clay sculpture on the door lintel of the front palace at Jingfu Temple, Taoyuan The colored-drawing on the door of the front hall at Ong’s Residence, Wushulin Village, Longtan