The fairy tales were created by the ancient people’s imaginations that connected with their life experiences and expectations while encountering some difficult situations. Mouths passed them on to ears; moreover, the fairy tales had become more copious, lively and meaningful because of continual layouts and combinations of the social backgrounds at the time. Amongst Taiwanese traditional architectural decorations, the subject matters of the fairy tales with the most imagination include “ the auspicious gods” and “imaginary animals;” such as, Basian, three Immortals of Fu Lu and Shou, Four Great Kings, spiritual and lucky animals, dragons, phoenixes and Cilin, possessing the meaning of praying for blessing and happiness along with a smooth life. The back wall block on the cloister at the grand palace of Bao-an Temple, Taipei The wall block at the rear palace of Sanyuan Temple, Bade The lintel on the beam at the grand palace of Jingfu Temple, Taoyuan 《 Basian bustled greatly in East Sea 》It was said that Basian proposed to travel in East Sea after a gathering but they were not allowed to take and boats to get there except counting on their own abilities. All immortals all agreed upon this deal in droves; that is, they all had to count on their own abilities and exhibited their skills. However, this movement of Basian was quite disturbing to the Dragon King of East Sea so they started to have verbal conflicts. Dragon King of the sea caught Lan Caihe while Basian were not ready. Basian were very angry so they started to fight with those shrimp soldiers and crab generals, which caused huge waves. Luckily, Guanyin of South Sea passed by and acted as a mediator. They ceased fighting until Dragon King of East Sea released Lan Caihe. 《 Magu Offering Birthday Good Wishes 》Magu was one of legendary fairies, who was also the immortal Wang Fangping’s younger sister. With hair worn in a coil on top of her head and the rest of her hair hanging down to her waster, Magu’s outfits were so brilliant that caused eye dazzling and she had an extremely beautiful appearance and fingers as soft and light as birds’. On the third of the third lunar month, it was the birthday of West King’s Mother. On the day of her birthday, the West King’s Mother always had to set up a peach of immortality feast for all immortals. The celestial from all directions, the dragon kings of the Four Seas and the fairies in heaven all came to express birthday good wishes for her. The four flora fairies of Baihua, Mudan, Shaoyao and Haitang collected all kinds of fresh flowers and invited the fairy-Magu to go with them. Magu would go to Jiangjhu River bank, use Lingjhi to breed into the celestial liquor and bring to the peach of immortality feast to offer to the West King’s Mother. Magu was a fairy and she also participated the peach of immortality feast for the West King’s Mother’s birthday; therefore, later generations used her as the auspicious pattern for expressing birthday good wishes. In the early time, when expressing birthday good wishes for female, one would always base on the story of “Magu offering birthday good wishes” and draw the auspicious picture of Magu hold up the peach of immorality in both her hands to symbolize the good luck for birthday blessings. 《 Journey to the West-Guanyin Almighty Conquered Fish Goblin 》While Monk Tang went on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures in the west, he then reached the river side of Tongtian River. The brothers of the village owner told Monk Tang that there was a King Linggang who had to eat a couple of virgin boy and girl or he would flood the whole area here. Wukong and Bajie then transformed into the daughter and son of the village owner and went to Linggang Temple. Once Bajie saw the goblin, he started to fight with the goblin, the goblin then made a turn and ran off; Wukong and Bajie rode on the cloud and chased after him. The goblin got Mong Tang and took him to the water mansion. Wukong was afraid that his master would be eaten by the goblin so he immediately rode on the cloud to get help from Guanyin. Guanyin walked out the bamboo forest with a purple bamboo basket in her hand and went to Tongtian River with Wukong. Guanyin put the bamboo basket into the water and chanted the spell. Not for a while, there was a shiny and vivacious gold fish in the basket. The goblin was originally the gold fish that was in Guanyin’s lotus pond and it sneaked out to this place to stir up trouble and hurt people while there was a rising tide. Guanyin carried and the bamboo basket and headed back to the South Sea. Wukong, Bajie and Shaseng rescued Monk Tang. While Wukong was ready to cross over the river, he saw one aged turtle coming out of the river and the turtle was willing to take Monk Tang to go over the river as his gratitude for Wukong casting away the goblin.