Guanyin Temple, Shoushanyan was first established in 1797 in a magnificent terrain with broad hinterland, which is very rare to see among all temples in the country. The carving and decorative skills are very meticulous and practiced with a unique style; possessing the abundant cut-n-paste and clay sculpture decorations. The Chi-hu Douhong on the display shelf in the front palace has a graceful style, which is also the masterpiece representing the master Chen Yingbin’s temple artworks; the vietnum-ceramic figures on Shueichedu and Pitou look very lively, created by the master Chen Tianci, one of his masterpieces; here is also the only temple that preserves so many Taiwanese vietnum ceramics. Using the winding character of “弓” to represent the body of the dragon, finely carved on the side of the pillar instead of the facade is one of its great characteristics; possessing the meanings of protection and good fortune. Describing how Shun served his parents with all respect and diligence; therefore, Yao abdicated and gave Shun the crown. Using one of the 24 filial stories expounds the value of the filialness. Describing how sly that Cao Cao was. The one with black beard is Cao Cao, his facial expression was as vivid as life. Syue Renguei is the one with the black beard and Syue Dingshan is the one with halberd in hand; the setting arrangement is very bustling and all characters either sitting or riding have their all features. The Jade Emperor commanded TuoTa Almighty to lead Er Lang Deity along with his 100,000 heavenly soldiers to capture Sun Wukong who messed up the peach of immortality feast and intruded Dou Shuai Palace, the story is splendid and entertaining. Luo Gongyuan took Tang Minghuang to tour the Moon Palace, where all the fairies encircled with wonderful tunes and they were composed into “Ni Shang Yu Yi(rainbow and feather-like clothes) Melody;” rich in the tales of marvels and the postures of the characters are graceful and vivid. Yang Jhen used the moral of the Four knowledges to turn down Wang Mi’s bribery, setting an honest and upright example for the children; possessing the educational purpose. The practiced carving skill made the lion and toad on the beam more vivid and natural; covered with gold foil making them even more shiny and splendid; possessing the meanings of suppressing the evil and bringing in wealth. Syue holding square-wide halberd and Fan Lihua holding two knives and they both fought at Hanjiang Guan; the story was magnificent and the carving was very graphic too. 《 Filialness Moved the Heaven 》 One of the Five Emperors, Shun was filial to his parents since he was young. His father was a blind and remarried a woman, which then became Shun’s stepmother who was very fierce and malicious. She also bore a son named Siang and he was just as cruel and mean as his mother; however, Shun had never complaint because of that, he was still very filial to his parents and cared his younger brother more. Therefore, the heaven was touched so it sent the spiritual elephant to help Shun to till land and the spiritual bird to hoe up weeds. Yao had then heard Shun’s filial behaviors so he abdicated and gave the crown to Shun. 《 Three Kingdoms Chronicles -Huarongdao (capturing and releasing Cao) 》 After Cao’s troops had suffered a crushing defeat at Chibi, Cao Cao led his surviving troop and ran off to Huarongdao. With only 27 knights left, Cao Cao was thoroughly routed; however, to his surprise, Guan Yu had already waited here on his horse with his sharp knife in hand and that frightened Cao Cao out of his wits. Cheng Yu knew that Guan Yu was a person who cherished old friendship so he taught Cao Cao to beg Guan Yu, saying that while Guan Yu was once besieged in Cao’s troops, they still treated him as a guest oh honor so Guan Yu should just let him go. Guan Yu was moved as expected, so he let go of Cao Cao because he thought that it was the right thing to do. Then he headed back to his camp to plead for guilt. 《 Syue Renguei Battled to the East-the Father and Son’s Reunion 》 Syue Renguei was in the military for a long time that he hadn’t gone home for many years either. During all this time that he was absent, his wife, Liou Yingchun bore his son named Syue Dingshan who hunted the wild goose to feed his mother everyday while he grew up. After Syue Renguei won honor for his accomplishment at the battlefields and received a rank of nobility, he was granted to build a royal mansion back in his hometown. Once he left the capital city, he made a hurried journey without any stop. While he arrived Fenhe Wan, he coincidently met Syue Dingshan hunting for the wild goose. When he was amazed by his shooting skills, a fierce tiger ran to him all of sudden, Syue Renguei shot the arrow in a rash and unexpectedly, he killed Syue Dingshan. After he went back to the cold kiln where his wife lived, they met and he noticed that there was a pair of man’s shoes under the bed, so he questioned his wife’s chasity. Liou Yingchun then explained to him that those belonged to his son-Syue Dingshan. Syue Dingshan also found out that he just killed his own son by Fenhe Wan, and the couples were very sad.Luckily, the Ancestor Wang Chan had already figured out that that was the inexorable doom that Syue Dingshan couldn’t avoid but his life should not end and he withheld a lot of happiness still; therefore, he commanded Cave-guarding Blcak Tiger to carry Syue Dingshan on his back and he used the magic medicine to save his life. Then the father and the son reunited; Syue Dingshan then gained the blessing in disguise that he took the Ancestor Wang Chan as his master and he learned a good martial-art skill. 《 Tang Minghuang Touring the Moon Palace 》 It was said that Luo Gongyuan, the Erjhous, was accompanying Tang Minghuang to admire the moon on Moon Festival day. Tang Minghuang kept staring at the moon so Luo Gongyuan invited him to tour the Moon Palace together. He took out a cane and threw it in the air, then the cane was changed into a silver bridge. He asked Tang Minghuang to board on the heavenly bridge. After walking for several ten lis (Chinese measurement of distance), they came to the front of a grand palace and it Iwas shiny but very cold too; here is the Moon Palace. Tang Minghuang had seen hundreds of fairies wearing white gauze” clothes dance in the palace, singing with the resonant voices and the rhymes were so marvelous; this should be the melody only existing in heaven; there was no way to hear it on earth! So Tang Minghuang memorized the melody of the tunes carefully and he immediately ordered the musical officials to compose it into a melody, which was “Ni Shang Yu Yi (rainbow and feather-like clothes) Melody.” 《 Yang Jhen Refusing the Gold 》 Yang Jhen was one of the great Confucians in the middle of Donghan Dynasty. Wang Mi served as a governmental official because of Yang Jhen’s recommendation. One night, he sneaked to meet Yang Jhen and wanted to give Yang Jhen valuable presents to express his gratitude, thinking none would really know about it in this quiet night. Yang Jhen instead told him “the heaven knows, god knows, you know and I know.” Wang Mi then returned and felt shameful. Yang Jhen valued the righteousness and refused the gold. Such integrity had made his honest and upright virtues widely known to the world as the name of “ Mr. Four knowledges.” 《 Syue Dingshan battling to the west-Fan Lihua battling with Syue Dingshan 》 In Dynasty, Syue Renguei received the command to go to the west and Syue Dingshan was sent straight to Hanjiang Guan with his troops. The guarding general Fan Hong felt helpless. At the time, his daughter went down to the mountain because of her master, Lishan Old Mother’s command saying that she would have a marriage relationship in this life with this “white robe young general”-Syue Dingshan. She was asked to marry him and using this marriage with Dingshan trade with the surrender of Hanjiang Guan. Lihua was out at the battlefield and she asked specifically to fight with Dingshan. Renguei sedulously sent other female general to fight with her except Dingshan. Lihua continually defeated Dingshan’s two wives- Dou Siantong and Chen Jinding, and his younger sister-Syue Jinlian. Dianshan was forced to battle with her. Lihua fell in love with him at first sight and told him what her master had informed about her marriage with him; however, Dingshan turned her down. In order to go along with the fate, Lihua used her magic to remove mountains and drain seas, she captured and released Dingshan 3 times each; finally, Dingshan came to realize that Lihua was true to him and his martial-art skill wasn’t as good as hers, which was very impressive so he agreed with the marriage. At last, they were united in matrimony.