Jhaiming Temple, Dasi is a very famous ancient temple and it was established in 1840. the building of Jhaiming Temple has a very elegant layout and the grand palace shows the Minnan style of solidness and simplicity; its decorative skills and framing structures all possess a high artistic value; as a whole, it gives people the feeling of simplicity and peacefulness, which happens to correspond with the spirit of the vegetarian sect that people having vegetarian diets and practicing “dao” at home. The design was from the master Ye Jinwan; presenting the simplicity, details,and the pure and still taste. The composition of the picture is bustling and perfect and the styles are just marvelous; possessing the meaning of good luck, being able to eliminate the calamity and broadly blessing for Fu, Lu, Shou, Si and Cai. Using two Chi Hu’s styles to coil and became a character of 福 (fu); presenting the ancient and simple conception; possessing the messages of good luck , ruyi, exorcising the evil spirits and longevity. With the peony, camellia, lotuses and chrysanthemum in the vase, they form the four great seams; symbolizing having peace and good luck in all four seasons. Jhu Shouchang gave up his official job and looking for his biological mother, he swore that he would not return until he found her. His filialness moved the heaven so he finally reunited with his mother. Using one of the 24 filial stories expounds the value of the filialness . In order to prevent the earth wall from exposure to the sun and rain, and the wind effect, built an extra layer of roof tiles, and it seems like wearing the clothes made out of the roof tiles. The calabash on the top of the roof symbolizes lasting generations, which was also the Immortal’s magic tool being able to conquer the goblins; the calabash was pronounced as “fulu” in Chinese and “fu” is homonymic to Fu, meaning Fu’s arriving. Describing how Basian attended the feast for the Mother of the West King ; very marvelous and bustling. 《 Abandoning the official job and looking for Mother 》 Jhu Shouchang, from Tianchang in Sung Dynasty, while he was seven, his biological mother Liou couldn’t help but remarry the other man because of his father’s wife’s jealousy and so he and his mother had no contact in any means; during Shen Zong ‘s ruling, he was a governor and he poked his finger and wrote “the book of Jin Gang” to look for his biological mother. After he received some clues, he decided to resigned and looked for his mother at Shansi; he swore that he would not return until he found his mother. Jhu Shouchang ate in the wind and slept in the dew, and finally he found his over 70 year-old mother and his two younger brothers at Tongjhou after being through all the hardships. The mother and son were happily reunited and they returned home together to enjoy the family happiness. 《 Basian attending the feast-the Mother of the West King celebrating her birthday 》 Peaches of the Immortal were the celestial peaches in the ancient fairy tales.It was said that on the third day of the third lunar month was the Mother of the West King’s birthday and she loved to have a big party;therefore, on her birthday, there would be a grand party and had the peaches of the Immortal as the main course to feast all immortals; all immortals would come to celebrate with her and this feast was called the peaches of the immortal feast.