Jingfu Temple, Taoyuan was split into three palaces, which was very spacious and won it the title of the “grand temple.” It was established in 1811 and mainly worshiping Kai Chang Sheng Wang; the treasure, like a huge shrine with exquisite engraving and carving is one of his major characteristics. This was the temple where masters Chen Yingbin and Wu Haitong racing for their skills; the woodcarving decorations are the most beautifully described and abundant; because of solid material and manpower resources, the hired craftsmen were all the best of the best; such as the famous artisan in chiseling patterns-Huang Gueili, stone artisan-Jhang Mucheng, vietnum artisan-Chen Tianci and colored drawing master-Li Dengsheng all left their marvelous masterpieces here. On the left, there are a flag and a colorful ball and a long halberd and chime-stone tablet on the right; using the homonyms of ci, ciou, ji and cing to express the message of praying for good luck and prosperity. The book-scroll block popping out of the earth has some inspiration lines written in liberal cursive with the bamboos and orchids that represent the scholars’ ambitions on the side; the subject matters are quite creative and different. The pillar was carved with all kinds of birds, all in different postures but they all look toward the phoenix, symbolizing the benevolence, virtue and good luck; the whole set of picture is full of peaceful atmosphere. In Creation of the Gods, Kong Suan led his troops and battled with Jiang Ziya, Huang Tianhua, Najha and Leijhen; the woodcarving skills are very practiced, leading one into the wonderland. The cast-iron window pattern that was mode in one body without any welding was very rare in Taiwan; it was constructed with long and geometric patterns and styles and the lines are so smooth, varied and original. With the peony, camellia, lotuses and chrysanthemum in the vase, they form the four great seams; symbolizing having peace and good luck in all four seasons. Bai Sujhen wanted to see Siu Sian so she and Siao Cing matched magic powers with Fahai; flooding over Jinshan Temple, the carving lines are detailed and setting is very bustling. Yun Siao raised Hunyuan Jindou and crossed over the blue Luan 9the mythical bird like the phoenix); Shen Gong Bao crossed over a tiger and Yuanshi Tianzeng rode on the blue cattle with board horns; showing the bustling story in Creation of the Gods. 《 Creation of the Gods-three sisters’ scheming and placing the Yellow-River battle formation 》 After Jhao Minggong died, his three younger sisters-Yun Siao, Ciong Siao and Bi Siao went to his funeral. When they saw how miserable his brother’s death was, they wanted to revenge for their brother so they challenged Jiang Ziya. There was a tangled warfare for both sides, and they were all damaged. The three sisters saw that Ciici was tremendous so they set up “nine winding Yellow-River ballet formation,” which was even more powerful than the ten exclusive formations. The disciples of the Chan Sect didn’t know how fierce this formation would be, so they didn’t pay much attention to the enemies, and they were captured by the three sisters’ magic tool-‘Hun yuan jin dou,’ all of them were tossed in the formation. Because they would lose most of their magic powers in the formation and couldn’t escape. Seeing Chan Sect was going to be destroyed, Liaozi and Yuanshi Tianzeng descended and used their profound magic powers to break the nine-winding yellow river formation at the moment of danger. They caught these three proud little girls and saved the lives of the disciples. 《 Creation of the Gods-Kong Suan’s troops blocking at Jinjiling 》 Kong Suan was originally at San San Guang and he was commanded to lead the troops to block Jiang Ziya’s troops at Jingjiling. There were five-color rays behind his back, in the sequences of green, yellow, red, black and white that was particular for absorbing those with magic tools; once shot by the ray, they would be sucked in Kong Suan’s five-color ray and any magic would be all lost. He defeated all Li Najha and Le Jhenzi; Huang Tianhua met Kong Suan, he then died on the way to the battle and went to the judgmental seat. Jiang Ziya were damaged at Jinjiling. 《 Flood over Jinshan Temple 》 Fa Hai deceived Siu Sian to Jinshan Leifeng Temple and didn’t allow the couples to be reunited. In order to save Siu Sian back, Bai Sujhen and Cing Cing together matched magic powers with Fa Hai. She wouldn’t even care to draw the water of West Lake to flood over Jinshan Temple and damaged many livings. However, because Bai was pregnant so she couldn’t defeat the enemy and Fa Hai caught her under the Leifeng Tower. Cing Cing got escaped and successfully practiced higher magic. She then returned to Jinshan and defeated Fa Hai. Fa Hai found nowhere to escape so he put on his yellow monk’s garment and hid himself in the crab’s stomach. Cing Cing raised Bai’s son-Siu Shilin for 20 years. He grew up and was the number one for the national test. After he found out his antecedents, he went to rescue his mother at Lei Feng Tower so the family finally got reunited. However, Fa Hai could only stay in the crab’s stomach and that is why the crab’s fat and the monk’s garments are all yellow in the modern time.