Baisha Cape Lighthouse stands erect on the coast of Guanyin Township and it was established on Jan. 15 1901. It was built to enhance the voyage safety along with the functions of communication, meteorological phenomena and military supervision. It is the second tallest lighthouse in the county. The appearance of the lighthouse is the white cylinder and made of bricks; standing up high and erect. The lamp sets and prism sets made in France in the lighthouse were the facilities installed over a hundred years ago and they are still workable. In the yard, there was a sundial meter made in Japanese ruling period; installed on the wood-carving base with the graceful styles. The flagpole stands on the sphere base with two assisting poles. The lintel on the door at the entrance of the main body of the lighthouse adopted the Greek classical style of the triangular lintel with the cubic pillars on the sides and borders at the pillar ends, so elegant and noble. The spiral stairs in the lighthouse is made of cast iron the geometric and hallow textures are very gorgeous; nevertheless, it is the most detailed lighthouse in the nation.